Yin/Yang of the Eyes
Yin and Yang of Eyes. Using peripheral verses direct focus is important in all martial arts and especially in the meditative process of Tai Chi Chuan. Peripheral or Glance is yin. Fast motion is most easily captured by peripheral vision. Direct focus or Look is Yang and best for releasing energy. You can test this your self. Hold a finger up on one hand, move the hand to the side of the head, slightly in front, and wave it around slowly and then quite quickly. You should be able to see it fairly well. Keep your eyes relaxing forward, don’t turn your head and try to look at it. Next hold the finger directly in front of the face and do the same thing.I think you will notice it is quite difficult to focus on the finger as the speed picks up. So in the Tai Chi form, one first turns the head and body slightly to the side of the partner or opponent. This is called glance, and is used in the neutralize phase. As the movement progresses, one starts to look at where the energy that is being released is going to end up. This is called Look. Perfect.

Best Wishes,