Greetings. Summer is approaching. This allows us to practice in the park without having to wear so many layers of clothes. Freedom! Try and find some different places to practice outdoors while you can. It makes practice even more enjoyable.

Yin and Yang
These words refer to the complimentary opposites. They are expressions of how energy is manifesting to an observer at a specific moment. Yin and Yang are each given various qualities that signify opposition or balance. There has to be Yin to have Yang, night to have day, up to have down, in to have out, cool to have hot, female to have male, etc. We have to be clear that all these are relative terms. There is no absolute hot, or up, or in. A tree may be harder than water, but softer than a rock. So don’t get stuck thinking something will always be Yin or Yang. Stay open and experience things from where you are at this moment.

Body Awareness
Every part of my body is a hand, and every part is hooked up to the center. No part of my body can be touched without it affecting the whole. Imagine that a spider has spun a web that fills your entire body. The center of the web is your lower Dan Tien. The spider sits in the center of its web with its eight arms spread out in the eight directions. Any little movement in any part of the web is transmitted to the spider in the center. The spider can tell from experience what has gotten trapped in the web and acts accordingly. Through push hands practice, we learn how to deal with energy that moves into our energy field (physical, emotional, or spiritual). But you must be patient while you wait for something to come your way. Nourish your internal spider by breathing into your Dan Tien.

Best Wishes,