Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 324
Wave Hands
I recently got an email question and comment from a long time Tai Chi/Qigong instructor who teaches in Argentina. He was interested in my thoughts regarding the yin/yang of the movements. He asked if some moves were more yin and some more yang. Here are my thoughts.
All moves are a combination of yin and yang. In Tai Chi we first need to connect (yin), then understand what the direction and strength of the incoming energy, neutralize it, and finally react appropriately (yang). In Tai Chi, there is no way I can attack without first joining, leading or following. Yet some moves contain more yin or yang and that is what makes the form so interesting.
What I have done is modify the form so all repeated moves get different intention which affects the yin or yang of that particular move. Let me give you an example.
Wave Hands like Clouds is repeated three times in the Yang Long Form, so each time it appears in the form, I give it a different application which affects the yin/yang.
Move #37 – More Yang
The partner strikes in from the left side. I neutralize with my right hand, step in, and strike to her center with the back of my left forearm. Wide (shoulder width) stance.
Move #74 – More Neutral
The partner grabs my right wrist with her right hand. I apply Chan Ssu Jin and twist her right arm, step behind her right leg, and push her over my leg. Medium (hip width) stance.
Move #93 – More Yin
Partner kicks towards my crotch with her left foot. I step left, closing my stance to guard my crotch and at the same time I grab her foot, and lift her leg, throwing her backwards and off balance. Narrow (feet together) stance.
To someone not familiar with Tai Chi, these three moves look quite similar, especially the waving of the hands. It is only my intention that changes the internal energy – the yin/yang of the move.
Anna Update
Thank you, Thank you. I’m so proud of our Tai Chi community and all others who have so generously donated to Anna Young’s GoFundMe campaign. I know it makes a world of difference to her. Let’s keep it up. There is no limit on amount you can donate or how long the campaign will last.