Greetings. I am already enjoying this. Feed-back starting to come in. Fun,fun,fun.

Vary your practice place.

The environment shapes practice. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The town was mostly built in the 1880’s and is surrounded by water with snow capped mountains in all directions. I have two favorite places to practice – one a park, and one a wharf. This morning was very cold and clear, so I knew the wharf would be covered with frost which would make it slippery. But the sheer beauty of being out over water with all the marine life around me was too much to pass up. It was as I suspected, slick. And it gave me a training opportunity I wouldn’t have had someplace else. Each and every step had to be carefully placed. Each move had to be smooth, with a very solid root. Each spinning movement needed to be slow and steady. It was a beautiful morning practice and I thank the powers that be for the privilege of living in such a special place.

Best Wishes,