Unique Hands of Tai Chi Chuan
I was checking on the progress of the redo of my web site, and went to the Featured Articles section. I haven’t looked at this or the other articles for a while, and was impressed with how detailed and clear the article on Unique Hands of Tai Chi Chuan is.
Most players don’t differentiate between the different uses of the hands when playing the form, but I feel it is important for several reasons.
First, it helps to focus the mind on what one is doing. Am I pushing, pulling, neutralizing, punching, etc. Each uses a different hand to accomplish each unique task. One would not use a screw driver to hammer a nail in, or brush something off one’s clothes with a fist. One must first understand what each movement is training, then keep this in mind as one goes through the moves.
So, if interested in improving focus, and intention, read carefully this, and the other Featured Articles, to gain a clearer understanding of the possibilities for going deeper into one’s practice. Just go to www.gilmanstudio.com, click on Featured Articles, then click on the drop down menu at the top of the page, and click on Unique Hands of Tai Chi Chuan. Enjoy.