Greetings. Here we go. As I said before – “In each new beginning there dwells a magic source”. I am anxious to see where all this heads. So, I will make every attempt to put out a training tip every day for a year. Please forgive me if I miss a day for some reason. I’ll do my best. And please feel free to offer comments, and your training tips. I will give credit for any I use. Let’s have fun as we learn together.

Understand the Tai Chi Classics
First and foremost in the lifelong study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan, one must seek to understand the basic fundamentals that make TCC different than any other psycho-physical art.

Throughout its long ( 200-300 years) history, TCC was an oral art. All that the instructor thought you needed to know, he told or showed you. Now we have books, internet, international conferences, and workshops where information is shared. This has made it easier to acquire information from more than one instructor and see what suits your unique being and way of learning. What is important is to read and study until you know the history and philosophy upon which TCC is based.

Of course, one can learn the form and gain benefit, but to master this art, one must study. You will enjoy your practice so much more and it will spur you on to practice more and more. So read about Buddhism, Confucianism, and especially Daoism. If you are a Yang player, read the early writings of Yang Chenfu and his students, especially his “Ten Essential Points.” As you progress more and more in your practice, you will notice how you understand these concepts on a deeper physical/mental level. Have a wonderful journey deep inside yourself.

Best Wishes,