Greetings. I’m looking at some BIG numbers in my life right now. I am starting my 75th year on this planet. My 50th year of Tai Chi study, practice, and enjoyment. 45 years of teaching this fine art. 35 years of being happily married to a most wonderful person. Two books in constant publication – one since 1996 and the other since 2000. 94 Training Tips so far. All this from someone who didn’t care for school, wasn’t interested in any professional career path, had no interest in writing or teaching. So as I tell people nowadays, “If I can do it, you can do it.” Just stick with things you enjoy and do well, and you’ll make a good life for yourself while helping others. Thanks for all the kind words and support. You make my life rich and full.

Trees are beautiful and marvelous teachers if we care to listen. Trees can live thousands of years, producing countless leaves and fruits all to the purpose of continuing life on earth, and not just their own. They make mulch that enables other life to grow. I see my life like that in the respect that all the work that I do is directed toward enabling those who follow me to use what I have learned to further their own growth. I am so happy to see seeds that I have planted flourishing in many places. Teachers are like the mother tree with seedlings gathered about its base, ready to take over when the conditions arise.

Mountain Climbing
Tai Chi practice is similar to mountain climbing. When standing at the bottom of the mountain and gazing up, one sees what one believes to be the top.

Up one climbs, and when that place is reached, one realizes that that isn’t really the top at all. There is a whole new top that was hidden from view because of the angle.

Up one goes again, and this also reveals a higher place previously hidden. On and on, till the real top is revealed.

Tai Chi practice is like that. One starts out thinking the end can be seen. Then as one works and studies, new skills, ideas, experiences appear.

On, and on, the cycle repeats, but as far as I know, the top is never really reached, just new, amazing levels of enjoyment.