Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip – #318
There will come a time, and I hope not too far in the future, when a person will be judged not by what he has, but what he gives. There needs to be a shift in thinking about what is valued and important.
There is nothing as important as passing down knowledge and tradition from one generation to the next. In most ancient societies, the teacher, or wise elder, was a position of respect that had to be earned. Presently, in our society, teaching is among the worse paid and least respected of all professions.
If we are ever going to get ahead, we need to build on the foundation of the past. We need to learn from our successes and our mistakes. Children are born pure and simple, yet lack the qualities that maturity brings. I heartily encourage you to work to perfect your Self, develop your unique skills and talents, and share those with any seeker regardless of his or her ability to pay you.
Random Tai Chi Ideas
*Before starting your practice, be sure to take a moment to hook up your basic energy points to your Dan Tien. To do this you concentrate your mind first on your Dan Tien at your lower belly, then on the Yung Chuan points on the bottoms of the feet, the Bai Hui on the top of the head, and the Lao Kung in the center of the palms. Just by concentrating on these points you will send the energy to them and tie them together.
*Walk like a tiger — place each step exactly where you want it to go with total control. When the tiger is stalking, he is crouched very low to the ground so as to compress his chi for the spring.
*There is no good or bad chi. There is only chi. Some chi we can use and we might call it good while other chi we can’t use and might call bad. We must get away from good and bad discrimination of things.