Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 280
Tai Chi Saves the Day
This current pandemic is so difficult for me, and all the people I know, to deal with and stay happy and healthy. I spend a lot more time at home, after morning classes, reading and writing which I do sitting at my desk. Tai Chi once again saves the day.
When you sit, your circulation slows down, resulting in a loss of chi and blood moving throughout the body and mind. Without this circulation, organs don’t function as well, depression sets in, and overall wellness is difficult to achieve.
Those of us who practice Tai Chi have a strong tool to deal with this loss of energy. To move energy without stressing the body, especially the joints. Our body/mind becomes sensitive to the inner workings, and we are able to correct any problems that arise before they become too ingrained.
There are Yin people and Yang people. The Yin people go with the flow – no resistance. The Yang people chart their own course and keep a close eye on how the journey is progressing. Does either of these sound familiar? The more one practices, the more one becomes familiar with what is the baseline of ourselves and we can tell when we start to sail off course. That is the important first step. The next step is to gently correct to where we want to go, if we have a goal in mind.
When talking about basic character types, Yin and Yang types have a difficult time understanding how the other can function the way they do because their own way seems so natural and comfortable. In Tai Chi Tui Shou (push hands) we join with the partner so we can understand what his intentions are. I believe Tai Chi practice increases our ability to understand others on an ever deeper level. That skill only gets more profound as we age and practice, so keep it up.