Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 228
Tai Chi Philosophy in Action
One of the most important truths contained in Tai Chi Philosophy in Action, is the idea that “energy follows the mind”. What you think, and where you direct this thought, results in action on a physical, emotional, or intellectual plane. Smiling is a good example of how this works.
If you feel happy, you smile. Yang. You have extra energy to share with others. If you feel sad, you pout. Yin. You need to save energy for yourself. It is the natural reaction to these emotions by the body. We are not taught to do these actions, we are born with this ability. As something happens to make you feel happy, your energy rises which stimulates the muscles of the face to be activated resulting in a smile. The corners of the mouth rising, and the feeling that is the root of this action, happen together.
Let’s say you want to change whatever mood you are in at the moment, you can do that by changing the face into the one which would be the result of the feeling you are seeking. Let’s try this important idea out.
Stand quietly, with no expression on your face. Then turn the corners of your mouth down and see how you feel. Back to neutral. Then turn the corners of the mouth up, and see how you feel. Back to neutral. Do the whole process again. Did you experience any difference?
I have done this with thousands of people, and almost all experience the same feelings. Happy, warm, positive when the corners are turned up, and sad, cold, negative when turned down. Try it again. The face is an indicator of how the interior of one’s self is feeling at the moment.
Now, what is important in today’s world, is that when I smile at people, even strangers, they smile back. Happens almost all the time. So I have made a positive difference in their life at that moment. Maybe they feel so much better that they smile at others. And on and on. The world can be changed, starting with you and me.
Now think how it would be if countries could smile, or at least the heads of state. We can feel better. And be sure to keep the corners of the mouth turned up when practicing your Tai Chi. Keeps love in your heart, and positive feelings in your mind. Try it.
P.S. I just got back from going to the Post Office, Hardware Store and Food Co-Op. I tried my experiment. I smiled, from my heart, at everyone I encountered. It was a 100% success. Everyone smiled back. There was a mother carrying a 6 month old child. It was so cute and it resulted in a big smile from me. Well, that baby gave me a huge smile back with all its little body. It felt so good to be a part of this great community, sharing love. Tai Chi practice and the philosophy it contains, makes it much easier to reach out and join energy with others.
Schedule Update:
There are several changes this semester. You can always check the web site – Classes for the latest changes. Johncontinues working on the 34 Form with seniors. New students always welcome. Susanwill be starting a new beginning 108 class on Tuesdays 5:30 – 7 PM, starting Sept. 10. Stephaniewill be offering two classes. Hun Yung Gong (Tai Chi Chi Kung) 4 to 5 PM on Thursday starting Sept. 12, and 2ndsection 108, 5:15 to 6:30 PM, also on Thursdays, starting Sept. 12. I continue with the morning classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and start a partner form class on Fridays at 9 to 10 AM.
Our First Saturday Workshops will focus on the Yang Style 54 Sword form, and due to Labor day and Wooden Boat festival, our first workshop will be on Saturday, Sept. 14, 1 to 4 PM. Learning this form will require several months of study.