Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 287
Tai Chi Makes You Smarter
   Practice the internal arts and you will become smarter. Exercise increases growth hormones in the brain that stimulate the neurons to increase their size, and the number of their connections to other neurons. So, as you learn new skills, you increase the number of neurons, which allows you to learn more skills. This is a never ending process.
   Exercise helps in the cognitive areas of the brain, so by exercising we should be able to think, reason, perceive, and acquire knowledge more easily and more quickly. We should think twice about telling our kids to stay in their room and do their homework all day. We might gain more benefit by letting them go out and play more often. That is good advice for adults also.
   As I share these thoughts with you, we are experiencing a pandemic, and the ability to exercise is limited. Tai Chi doesn’t require one to be indoors, or work with any equipment. Just find a nice quiet place where you can be alone, or in a group with proper distancing, and allow your body and mind to grow in ways you may not even imagine.