Dear Tai Chi Friend,
I am sending this to you because I think it is very important. I am not one to easily ask for help, but I think this warrants your consideration.
One of our Tai Chi students, Anna Young, has suffered from a rare lung disease since she was a young girl. It affected her physical stamina, but not her loving, giving, creative, and caring heart.
After many years of waiting, she finally just got a double lung transplant. It is a success, but requires assistance almost full time, especially in these early stages of recovery.
As you all know, medical assistance is so expensive in our country. One of Anna’s best friends has started a GoFundMe page to help her make it through the enormous expenses.
I, and our Tai Chi community want to help. So here is what I propose. The Gilman Studio will match any donation, up to a total of $10,000, given by July 12th. I don’t want Anna to worry about money, as she needs to focus all her energy on healing. So give a little or a lot and help this special person enjoy the rest of her life.
Copy and Paste or
Put in your search engine: GoFundMe
Click on Search: then Anna Young
Then click on Donate and your amount.
Thanks from all your Tai Chi Friends. Back to Tips next week.