Greetings. I really and truly love what I am doing. Tai Chi has brought me so many friends through the years. At the moment, I have several students from around the world who are on the Tai Chi Teachers training track. It is so wonderful to be a part of their new life. I wish you all the best.

Tai Chi and Acting
One of the greatest acting teachers of all time, Stanislavsky, said “use everything in your life to create your art.” I couldn’t agree more, and I am sure he was talking about the internal arts. Life is so short, and if we want to move beyond the norm, we must use our time wisely. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to practice our internal arts. It is easy in the classroom, and much more difficult when under stress. Yet it is these difficult times that are the most beneficial to our mastery. Driving in traffic can help us with patience. Our dietary choices can make us natural. Relations with superiors and inferiors reflect our abilities to yield and lead. Growing a garden teaches us creation and destruction, and the natural cycle of things. Do we want to overcome nature when we feel unwell, or do we study nature to figure how to blend and flow? Each and every moment that we are alive is a miracle. We should take this incredible opportunity to practice living until we no longer need to practice, finding our art in every moment.

Look in the Mirror
Everything we do, say, experience is written on our faces. Take a few moments to gaze at your self in the mirror and be open to the stories it has to say. This is the outward expression of our inner life. Remember the “inner smile”. Turning the corners of our mouths slightly upward elevates our chi and makes it easier to relate positively to the world. You’ll notice your face becoming more open and receptive. Smile.