Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #337
Stability and Mobility
The concepts of stability and mobility are the foundation building blocks of the internal arts. Stability implies something that is resistant to change or something that maintains equilibrium. Mobility implies something that is easily moved. These are yin and yang, the opposites.
Yang is fiery and explosive, always ready to affect change in the things in which it comes in contact with, whereas yin is slow and deliberate, more resistant to change. Stability is more yin, mobility more yang. When we want to send energy out (yang), we need a firm and stable base to support (yin) this movement. When we throw a punch (yang), we need some internal energy to move downward (yin) to support this outward expansion. Tree roots are a good example. Or, visualize the strong base that holds the space shuttle in place for its take off.
In the internal arts we need mobility to set up situations and avoid collisions with incoming forces. We need to move fast and be able to change instantly. Tai Chi players generally can’t move that well, as we usually play push hands with fixed step, or do the form which mostly doesn’t train quick stepping as much as stable stances. Aikido and Judo players are much more mobile, and need less stability even for their throws. Arts like Tae Kwon-do and Karate are all about stability for their hard kicks, punches, and blocks.
So no matter what art you practice, seek out those parts and movements that require you to work with your less used skills and make sure you understand how to utilize these abilities, so you can be well rounded. You want to be mobile or stable depending on the situation.
Please Be Careful
Port Townsend is a beautiful, small town and a destination, not a place one drives through on the way someplace else. I live near the center of town, and as much as possible, I ride an electric scooter to get around. So here is what I am asking you for.
Please be careful when driving. Our streets are narrow. Most don’t have a bike lane even though there are quite a few bikers, walkers,electric scooters. I am very careful as well as observant and notice how many drivers, not only speed, but use hand held cell phones. I have nearly been hit multiple times. Not only the distraction of phones, but many choose to have their dog sit on their laps while driving. Very dangerous.
So please do me and others a favor and stick to driving when operating a vehicle. Thank you. It may mean a life.