Spring Fed Lake – 6/25/18

Our body is like a spring fed lake. The lake gets Yang Chi from the heavens in the form of rain, and Yin Chi from the earth in the form of an underground spring. They mix to form the lake.

Our bodies get heavenly or Yang Chi through the Bai Wei point on the top of the head. The Yin Chi rises up from the earth and is absorbed by our body through the Yung Chuan point on the bottom of the foot. These are mixed, balanced, and stored in our Dantien (lower belly).

If the lake gets too much rain or the spring is too active, there is a flood. If there is no rain or the spring dries up, there is drought. The body is the same. We can tolerate either extreme only for a short time before the system is damaged beyond repair.

If the body is getting too full, we need to drain off or divert the excess. Conversely, if there isn’t enough energy coming in from the usual sources, we need to find another source. The regular practice of Tai Chi is designed to open the Bei Wei and Yuan Chuan so that Yin and Yang can move freely in, out, and around, so that balance can easily be attained and retained.

Schedule Update


Friday, June 29, 9 to 10 AM Qigong will be Ji Jin Jing or Tendon Stretching Exercises. Helps to open, and keep open, the joints. Part of the regular class schedule or drop in for $20.

First Saturday Workshop

Sat. July 7, 1 to 4 PM, we will play with the Partner Cane Form. This is an easy to learn weapon form done with a partner. Can be practiced as a solo form with good results. Fee is $30. Just show up. Canes provided.