Greetings. One of the classic teachings of Yang Style is the smooth, even movement. Every movement should be in the same rhythm, even the foot kicks. This is a movement meditation technique i like to play with.

Smooth, even rhythm.
There are three phases to a Tai Chi movement. First, join. Second, control. Third, release. Smooth, even flow is one of the prerequisites of the Yang style. Most people tend to speed up on the join/gathering phase, and go slower on the release. This is because they understand the end of the application and not the join and neutralize phase. So take the same amount of time for the first part of a movement up until the step, and the same amount of time for the release. For example, moving from Stork Spreads It’s Wings into Left Brush Knee. As the arms drop down and move to the right, count to four. This is the joining phase.Then, count one beat for the step, which is the control phase. Finally, count four as you shift the weight onto the left foot for the release phase. The one beat for stepping is like putting an “and” in counting time in music. 1,2,3,4, and, 1,2,3,4. One can make the count any length of time, for instance 1,2,3, and,1,2,3.The longer the count, the slower the form. You can match the inhale and exhale to this count with good results. Make sure the heel of the stepping foot is placed on the “and”.

Best Wishes,