Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 366
Rituals evolve from need. If a farmer needs water, and he does something that results in water, the chances are good that he will repeat the same actions again. If baseball player is on a streak, many times he will do any and all behaviors he has been doing in order to keep his luck going.
Tai Chi evolved from ritualistic dance like movements that brought improved health, happiness and martial skill. These movements worked, so they were expanded and repeated. When you practice your form, you are hooking up to energy that reaches back thousands of years. These movements have been handed from person to person. It is almost as if you could touch with your own hands the first person who ever did Tai Chi like movements. He or she might have been doing these movements for the very same reason that you are. Don’t forget to give your respect to your ancestors.
New Beginning Tai Chi Class – Wed. 5 PM- Starts This Week
The Gilman Studio is happy to announce a new, start at the beginning,Tai Chi class taught by long time instructor, Stephanie Morrell. The focus will be on the principles as well as the structural and energetic basics of the First Section of the Yang Style Long Form.
The class will meet in Chetzemoka Park on Wednesday evenings, starting May 4th at 5 PM, and will last at least an hour, perhaps more if the class gets into a groove. The class is free to all interested people. There are also several optional practice sessions each week to aid in your understanding and exercise benefits. In case of a light rain or drizzle, we will meet in the gazebo.
No need to pre-register. Just show up, or if you have questions, contact Stephanie at
Note: Our detailed Tai Chi exploration continues Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. From 9 to 10, warm ups and Qigong. Then from10 to 11, Tai Chi Form and applications. You can attend one or both sessions if you want. All people welcome.