Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 458

Refining your Form

Everybody’s life is an experiment in living. We try this, we try that. We take what works and cast off that which doesn’t. The internal arts practitioner’s life is a laboratory, constantly working with principles, movements, and ideas to see what works. To make a fine sword, it takes a long time of constant refinement. First, the iron is dug from the ground, then it is smelted to get rid of non-essential elements. It is then shaped, folded and cooled, polished, heated and cooled numerous times to continue refining until the desired end is reached.

Our internal arts practice must be like this or we will never find new ideas, or better ways to accomplish our desired results. There is absolutely no reason why we cannot surpass the skills and abilities of the masters of old. We have the advantage of looking back on what they did and how they did it. We can take the best from all of them, refine these ideas with our own fire (will power and intention), and end up with a life that will be an example and inspiration for all who follow. Don’t give up the constant refinement process.