I am pleased to announce I have posted a very rare video of three generations of Choy Family as they demonstrate their Yang Lineage form. Choy Hak Pang was a student of Yang Chen Fu, grandson of the originator of the Yang Style.He is credited with introducing Tai Chi to America in the 1940’s. On this video, he demonstrates the 108 Long Form, Sword, and Saber.
The next part is a demonstration of the 108 by Master Choy Kam Man, my teacher. Master Choy taught in San Francisco in the 1960’s thru the 1990’s. 
This is followed by a demonstration of the 54 Short Form, developed by Choy Kam Man, as a way to shorten the time for learning as well as practice time. This is shown by Frank Choy, Kam man’s son who is presently teaching in the San Francisco area.
The last section shows a large gathering of Kam Man’s students doing various forms including the Saber. This took place in the San Francisco Chinese YMCA.
I hope you enjoy this historical record of the evolution of the Yang Form as taught by three generations. Notice how it changes in subtle ways.
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