Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #335
Random Thoughts On Tai Chi
* The study of Tai Chi and related subjects is not about changing who you are. It is about discarding who you are not.
* Why should I study Tai Chi Push Hands? So I can train myself to have relationships that go beyond the surface. When I touch someone, I want to feel their middle dantien (emotional center) and upper dantien (intellectual center) as well as their lower dantien (physical center). Most people are satisfied with just the physical. I know I have a true friend when I open all my energy centers to someone else and allow them inside.
* The Yin and Yang of life: Yin – think about the things you would like to do in the rest of your life. You are using Yin energy – inward focused. Yang – think about all the things you are proud of that you have done in your life – outward focused.
* Have you ever set a goal for yourself and accomplished that goal? Are you taking charge of your life or is your life taking charge of you. Are you reacting or acting? Reacting is Yin and acting is Yang. Both are appropriate at different times. Don’t get stuck in all one way or the other.
* Do you remember what attracted you to Tai Chi in the first place? Do you feel you are on the road to discovery of what you are studying and why it continues to attract your interest?
* Tai Chi is about understanding ourselves, and others, on a deep level. Chinese natural medicine introduced me and countless others to the idea of energy (chi) and the pathways for moving this energy throughout the body, known as meridians. These pathways run top to bottom, side to side, front to back, and circling around the entire body. When I touch someone in Tai Chi, or anytime, I want to feel the origin (source) of the energy path, not just the end point.
* The more you practice the foot movements by themselves the quicker you will feel
comfortable and gain more benefit and enjoyment from the form. You can overcome chronic
physical limitations through the proper practice of Tai Chi. As a general rule most people tend to
get a bit sloppy with their foot placement after a short while because the upper body and
especially the hand movements are so intriguing. Don’t let down on your awareness of, and
concentration on, the feet and legs. It is your root and foundation upon which all else is placed. For all the information on feet and legs in Tai Chi go to YouTube and put in:
Or go to, click on Articles, then click on Comprehensive Guide to Yang Style Footwork.
The time you put into study will pay big dividends in the future. Good luck.