Greetings. I hope you give this exercise a good try-out.
The Eyedropper
This exercise is designed to help you practice breathing into your Dan Tien, relaxing and cleaning all body systems, and connecting the center to various parts of the body.
 1) Begin by standing in Wu Chi stance. Get comfortable and relaxed.
 2) Imagine you have an eyedropper inside your body. The bulb end is in your lower belly, about midway between your front and back. The outlet end stops where the back of your nose and your throat meet. Make sure the air comes in and out through this central opening, not through just the nose or mouth.
 3) As you squeeze the bulb end, the air is expelled through the opening end. As you relax the bulb end, It expands naturally, then the air is drawn into the body. The emphasis is on the exhalation, squeezing the bulb end. The inhalation is very passive. Viewed from outside the body, when the belly contracts, the air is expelled and when the belly expands, the air is drawn in. Continue this breathing pattern until it feels comfortable.
 4) Now the fun begins. You are going to use this charged energy contained in the bulb to relax and energize your internal organs and other body systems. Start by squeezing the bulb end and expelling air. Let the bulb fill by relaxing. Feel the fullness, which allows the inhaled air to mix with your own natural chi, charging it up. As you squeeze the bulb, point the tube end toward one of your organs and imagine warm, charged energy to bathe and cleanse that organ. You will take three breaths for each organ. You can do this in any order, yet I recommend starting with the lowest organs and working your way up to the master glands in the top of the head. A simple book on anatomy will really help with visualizing where your organs are. There is no end to the possibilities of this practice. You can clean and relax your structure, bones and muscles, singly or in groups. You can clean and charge your blood, and other bodily fluids. Don’t forget your sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, and mouth).
 Realize that not only are you relaxing and cleaning your body and all that it contains, you are also connecting your mind with your center and your center with every place you send energy out to.