Greetings. Perfect Spring weather. Large groups in the park for practice, even had some visitors from Thailand who joined in. New friends to spread the word about the Port Townsend Tai Chi scene. A tip on Push hands and a note about Instructors at the Gilman Studio.

Push Hands
I watched a woman, about five feet tall and 100 pounds, push hands with a former professional NFL football player. He is six foot six and 260 pounds. At first many people who were watching thought “how silly”, yet both learned valuable lessons. The woman was determined and pushed like a wild animal caught in a trap. She managed to throw him off balance more than once! The man had to become soft and play like a mother cat with her kittens. He had to use plenty of restraint to play at her level and still learn important skills. So, never turn down an opportunity to push with anybody. You’ll always learn something.

New Instructors
I am happy and proud to announce the names of the two newest Tai Chi Chuan instructors here in our local area – Joyce Wilkerson and Kevin Pedrey. Both have trained extensively at The Gilman Studio, and have assisted the rest of the staff, for more than the required period.

Joyce, besides her teaching duties, is a nationally known wearable fabric artist and clothing designer. She is represented by numerous galleries around the U.S. She used to divide her time between Port Townsend and Albuquerque, but, I am happy to say, now resides full time here. We are all happy about that.

Kevin is the youngest of our staff. He lives in a near to Port Townsend city, Sequim, and recently purchased the Sequim Gym. He has made it into a wonderful, all around, health facility. Besides teaching Tai Chi, he is a massage therapist, herbalist, personal trainer, and new father of an exceptionally cute little guy.

Stephanie Morrell now claims the title of Senior Instructor. Her skills and dedication to our art are awe inspiring. She is near to a quarter century of continuous practice and teaching.

John Considine, a well known Hollywood actor, writer, and bon vivant, continues to teach and work with the “senior population”. His Senior Class remains our most popular.

Susan Leinbach, a popular and very skilled practitioner and instructor, has taken some time off this last year from her teaching schedule. She has promised us she will return soon.

We are fortunate to have such a rich variety of Tai Chi instruction in our small town. There are other instructors in our area, some of whom have been associated in the past with the Studio, and we are also working with other people here, as well as in other countries, who are interested in sharing their love of Tai Chi with others by becoming instructors. I wish them all the best good fortune in including Tai Chi instruction in their life.

Best Wishes,