Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #347
Purpose of Training
For those of you who are just joining in, I want to remind you that these Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tips are mostly directed at “why to practice”, not so much “details of form structure”. This weeks Tip falls squarely into the “why to”. I hope it stimulates you to take up or continue your Tai Chi/Qigong practice. Every instructor has his or her own way of teaching and what they think is important. These are some of my ideas. Enjoy.
Tai Chi is an experiential learning method using gentle movements and mental imagery. It was developed as a martial art, but has evolved into an effective health exercise. The idea is to identify deep seated patterns in the body mind which inhibit, block, and distort free flowing movement and full self expression. Specifically, the purpose is (among many others):
*To reduce stress and chronic tension and to teach more effective ways to “bounce back” from stressful situations.
*To enhance the conscious awareness and integration of body, mind, and spirit.
*To increase resilience, freedom, and mobility, by dissolving old self limiting patterns of movement and perceptions of self.
*To enhance one’s flexibility, range of movement, and self image.
*To expand the flow of life energy and vitality by reducing constriction and rigidity.
*To free one’s capacity for vibrant, radiant, vigorous and full self expression.
*To bring about the experience of peace and serenity, a high energy state of being beyond relaxation.
*To study Chinese martial arts, natural medicine, philosophy, and history.