Principles of the Tao

That which is strong will always end up losing to the weak, the high gives to the low, the full to the empty. That is the way of the Tao. Water will always seek the lowest level. Hot and cold will seek a common temperature. If you want to be filled, first you must empty. If you want to receive, giving will make it possible. If you want to be loved, make sure you can give your love. The Universe is very clear on these principles.

Movement of the Skull

The eight cranial bones of the skull are capable of minute movements. This movement is important to pump the cerebra-spinal fluid which surrounds and nourishes the brain and the spinal cord. We can increase the movement of the joints of the cranium and increase the pumping action of the cranial pump. Use the mind to do this. When inhaling, imagine the skull expanding, and when exhaling, allow the skull to relax. After practicing this for a while, make sure to ground the energy in order to balance it and keep yourself from getting top heavy. To ground the energy, imagine energy coming in through the Bai Hui point on the top of the head, moving down through the body, and out through the bottoms of the feet. Then take a moment to feel the energy fill your lower dan tien, just below your belly button. This happens just by moving your awareness to this spot. Some people like to cover this spot with their hands to help focus the mind. Take a few moments to do this. You deserve the rewards of your labors.