Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #346
Funktionshust is a German term for the pleasure taken in what one can do best. This pleasure – this happiness – may increase the tendency to continue to do these things. This is nature’s way of creating excellence.
From the first moment I started doing Tai Chi, I have regarded my practice as a source of pleasure, and I have derived a great deal of joy from it. This made me want to practice it more, which further increased my pleasure, on and on.
An important part of the role of internal arts instructor is to help students find those aspects of the internal arts that they can do well, thereby increasing the tendency for them to continue their practice. For some it lies in the physical realm, for others in the mental, or the spiritual, or the restorative, or the philosophical. As instructors,we must use our own skills to look into the student, to help him or her to find their special area of interest.