What a perfect week-end here in Port Townsend. Mid 70’s, clear skies. It really brought out a nice crowd for our practice in Chetzemoka Park. Standing by the Straits of Juan de Fuca with the snow capped mountains in the background, stimulated deep breathing and relaxation.

Our main form practice centered around making sure that all moves originate in the Kua. First the chi is gathered into the Kua, by squatting on one, then it is released from the hip by moving onto the other leg. Think Bow and Sit stance. In right foot sit stance, the chi gathers into the right hip. It is then a controlled release as the weight gets moved onto the left leg, and it gathers. On and on.

Or the chi is gathered into both hips by squatting on both legs, and then released into the arms by standing up, like in Commencement, Conclusion, or Cross Hands.

There are some tricking places where gather and release is not so evident, like in the foot kicks, and in sitting moves such as Needle at Sea Bottom. But that is the fun/challenge figuring this out for your self.

In any case, I hope you are having good weather wherever you are. The garden marches on.

Note: This weeks Qigong Friday Class will focus on Eight Pieces of Brocade. 9 to 10 AM. at the Studio. See you there.