Greetings. Another cold and clear day in Port Townsend. Tai Chi practice in the park. Heaven.

Memorize the movements
This seems so basic. Learning the sequence of the form well enough that you can go through without having to stop and think about what comes next. Yes, you can apply most of these training tips to each move as you learn them, but for full enjoyment and satisfaction, you must put the time into learning the sequence. It is much like learning to drive a car. At first one is so busy learning how to do it, where are the controls, learning the rules of the road. Once that is accomplished and one has some experience driving, one can then enjoy the trip, looking at the scenery, having conversation with pasengers, etc. I know so many students who have been in classes for years and still cannot go through the form by themselves. So put the time in and memorize. Then you will be able to focus on the true inner work.

Best Wis