Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 369

Meditate on Simplicity

The higher the skill, the simpler it is. This seems to contradict all we have ever learned, but think about this in relation to internal energy. Don’t we want the thought and action to be one? In martial arts, complexity usually leads to certain disaster, as complexity takes time, and time is the most important element in gaining mastery over an opponent – (the other elements are power and technique).

Reflexes make the fastest movements and the most simple. The idea of Tai Chi Chuan is to practice until the forms become reflexive so they don’t have to be processed by the conscious mind. In Qigong we strive to allow the conscious mind to fall still, so that the healing power of the universe can do its work. The more that we get our conscious mind out of the way, the simpler the technique, and the easier it will be to hook up to the Ultimate. Meditate on simplicity and you will be rewarded with certain success.