Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 365
Marvelous Hands
The hands are the fine tools of the internal arts practitioner. They have to be able to sense and convey to the brain the most subtle messages, as well as, when needed, being able to concentrate and emit a most powerful force.
There are up to 21,000 sensors of heat, pressure, and pain per square inch in the fingertips. One sixth of all the bodies muscles are devoted to hand movements. A single hand movement can involve as many as 50 muscles working together.
Take a moment to look at the incredible objects you have attached to the ends of your arms and marvel at the wonder that you see. Take good care of these fine tools and they will serve you well, all of your life.
New Beginning Tai Chi Class – Wed. 5 PM
The Gilman Studio is happy to announce a new, start at the beginning,Tai Chi class taught by long time instructor, Stephanie Morrell. The focus will be on the principles as well as the structural and energetic basics of the First Section of the Yang Style Long Form.
The class will meet in Chetzemoka Park on Wednesday evenings, starting May 4th at 5 PM. The class is free to all interested people. There are also several optional practice sessions each week to aid in your understanding and exercise benefits. Dress warmly, and gloves are advised.
No need to pre-register. Just show up, or if you have questions, contact Stephanie at
Note: Our detailed Long Form exploration with Michael leading, continues Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 to 11. All people welcome. No charge.