Man, man, man, is a mantra (a sacred word or phrase used to invoke the divine) often heard when learning Tai Chi and other internal arts. Man means slowly in Chinese. Slowly in this context does not mean slow like a snail. It is more like a tiger charging at full speed, captured on video, then played back in slow motion. Man allows the mind to fully engage the movements, feeling each and every turn as the energy winds its way from ground to hands. Man asks, “Why hurry. Savor the beauty, savor the miracle that is unfolding before your very eyes.” If you hadn’t eaten in a couple of days and were presented with all your favorite foods, would you gobble it all down as fast as you could, or would you taste each bite, with special thanks for the opportunity to be able to enjoy this moment? Remember Man, Man, Man when you practice. You will be able to savor the divine.