Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 305
Love and Chi 
I don’t believe that there is anything that fills the body with Chi as much as loving does. Do you remember when you first fell in love? What was that feeling? What does it feel like now?
In Chinese Natural Medicine, we have three major Dantiens – lower (physical), middle (emotional), and upper (intellectual). When I feel love, the center of my chest fills with chi – a warm, expanding sensation in the middle dantien.
The love of one’s parents is usually the first “love” one experiences. Then family, friends, a husband or wife, children, pets. All energize the body and mind, much like Tai Chi does. I was so fortunate to have a partner who took my hand and led me through the tough times, as well as allowing and encouraging me to just be me.
Also, so very important, is finding challenging and creative work that can be a part of one’s whole life. Some activity that stimulates the creative side of our nature will also fill us with chi. Tai Chi has been such an integral part of my life for so long that it fills me with chi the moment I start to play my forms.
I found deep feelings of wholeness either playing Tai Chi by myself or in a group, or spending time with my beloved. How fortunate I have been to have had both. I wish you Love!
New Class – Partner Cane Form
Starting Monday March 1, we will explore the use of the cane, or walking stick, in playing Tai Chi. This short, two person (or solo) form, is easy and fun to learn, and explains the basic principles of Tai Chi weapons. As a side note, the cane is the only self defense weapon people are allowed to carry on an airplane.
The form shouldn’t take any more than a couple of weeks to learn. We will then switch to occasional practice sessions. But for now, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from around 9 to 10 we will do some warm ups then work on cane. From 10 to 11 we will continue our very in depth work on the Yang Style Tai Chi solo forms (34, 54, 108).
If you can’t make all the sessions – no problem. It will work out. Also, I have plenty of extra canes for your use. I suggest you go to You Tube to preview all the details about the form.