Greetings. Very hot week, but lovely in the shade of the trees in the Park with the slight breeze coming off the water. Summer visitors continue to join us and are always a welcome addition. Only two more weeks until we return to the studio for our classes. Joyce is looking forward to her first solo teaching experience. She is excited. For those of you near Sequim, be sure to check out Kevin’s class at the Sequin Gym. I send my best to you all.

Locking In Changes
Tai Chi and Chi Kung have been used for a long time to aid an individual in his or her quest for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We practice and hope for positive results. We feel better after practice or we wouldn’t continue to practice. I have found a way that helps people to become aware of changes to the body/mind and lock them in so they become a permanent change. It is simple, and I guarantee that if you do this, you will gain the changes you are looking for.

When you have finished your practice, whether it is Tai Chi or Chi Kung, you need to set aside a few moments to stand quietly, close your eyes, breathe naturally, and say this to yourself:

““Let go of the past”. (Pause) “Let go of thinking about yourself as you used to be”. (Pause) “ This feeling – right now – is all there is. The rest is in the past, and you can let it go”. (Pause) “This feeing – right now – is all there is, and you can let it go”. (Pause) “Don’t look for things that were in your body in the past. Don’t expect them. Don’t try to find them. Just keep letting go”. (Pause) “This feeling – right now, is all there is, so keep letting go.””

Simple. Try it out. Take your time, and let your body/mind feel and experience who you are RIGHT NOW. That way you can always grow and change. Don’t get stuck in the past. You are not the same person who started the practice session. Believe change is possible.