Jing, Chi, Shen
Most of us who practice the internal arts know about the concept of jing, chi, shen. These three energies correspond roughly to body, mind, and spirit. Many people are sensitive enough to feel these energies as they manifest in the body.

People who mostly vibrate in the slower or jing range tend to be larger, slower, and like to do physical activities. Those whose energy vibrates somewhat faster in the chi range, tend to be more emotional, able to work with other people in helping ways, are more delicate in body structure. The people whose energy vibrates in the shen range are the most intellectual and spiritual, tending to see events in terms of cosmic relationships. They can deal with abstract ideas and do well with computers or arts.

We are born with certain predispositions towards energy patterns, and there isn’t much we can do about this basic, hereditary rate. It is best for our physical, emotionsl, mental, and spiritual health to become aware of what our genetic makeup is and align ourselves with this energy pattern. Be realistic about your expectations of your potential. Tai Chi and the other internal arts help us to expand and unify our awareness of energy in ourselves and others. What a joy!