Greetings. As I put these little tips or ideas out, I realize that for many, they appear so obvious. My purpose is to help people interested in Tai Chi to want to practice more. That is the only way to gain benefit. Daily practice. So, I might not hit the nail on the head every time for you, yet I hope it will turn some people on. I will soon be moving into specific exercises, so stay tuned. Enjoy.

Intention is the Master Key
Intention is the master key to Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a martial art. Most people don’t know that, don’t like to think about it, and don’t think it matters. Most are looking for a meditative exercise and the thought of a martial art is a real turn off. When I first started in 1968, I was a peaceful hippie living in San Francisco. I went on peace marches. I was a vegetarian. When I started studying Tai Chi, Master Choy called it Meditation In Motion. That fit what I was looking for. Through the years I learned Tai Chi was a martial art, and this knowledge allowed me to perfect my form, inside and out.

Each movement of Tai Chi has a purpose, a martial purpose. It is not modern dance, yoga, or random movements. If you work to understand what the intention of that movement is, you can practice until it comes naturally. Most of the time when I practice, I just think of what the partner/opponent is doing and my body acts accordingly. I don’t have to think “the arm goes here, the leg goes here.” I am acting naturally in the situation. Now isn’t that what most of us really want – to be natural and relaxed at all times. So train the body and mind to act together, and health and happiness will surely follow.

Best Wishes,