Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 373
Increase Awareness
One of the best exercises to increase your awareness of each movement in your Tai Chi form is to break it down, one movement at a time, and explore all the possibilities for that movement.
Do it slow and fast, low stance or high. Add Fa Jing, change the breathing pattern, and most importantly, do it as big as you can and really let go into the essential nature of how the limbs are tied to the center.
From big, work your way to very small and still be aware of all the movement in the center. Find the smallest possible movement at the center, and work your way back to large. Notice how the limbs get activated as the movement grows.
Feel free to dissect each and every minute part of each movement and play with it. Don’t get too serious or the movements will not flow. After all, Tai Chi is body movement directed by the mind. Think about Buddha sitting or reclining with that lovely smile on his face. He knew that the answer to life was a smile. You’ll go a long way if you can smile when doing your form or playing Push Hands.