Greetings. During this period of time in the U.S., we are being bombarded with so much negativity. It is hard to realize that we are so fortunate to be living here right now. Don’t give in – keep a smile on your face.

Yin and Yang, positive and negative, are concepts very familiar to all of us involved with the internal arts. There has to be a balance for you to remain healthy, yet in our modern society, this balance is unique. Hans Selye, the psychophysical researcher who coined the concept of Type A and Type B personalities, said that vengeance and bitterness are the emotions most likely to produce high stress levels. It is this high stress of our current lifestyle that causes most of the diseases and physical problems that cripple a majority of people. Gratitude is the single response most nourishing to health. Think how you can add this necessary ingredient to your everyday life. Take time to count your blessings regularly. Take a moment before you start your Tai Chi practice to feel gratitude to all the people who have gone before you, blazing the trail, so you can enjoy the many benefits of Tai Chi.

Best Wishes,