Good vs Wise
There is a saying, “ A good teacher teaches what he (she) has been taught. A wise teacher teaches what he has learned.”
I think that many of us in the internal arts have had teachers who have a good grasp of some form or system and can even share this information, yet rare indeed is the teacher whose life really reflects the years of practice and internalization of the philosophy to become a true master.
The same can be said of students. A good student mimics his teacher and can do as he is instructed. He feels confident and comfortable in the forms and may even do well in competition. Yet, he hasn’t taken all this in and incorporated the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects wholly into his life.
A wise student studies the why as well as the how. He finds the philosophy in everything he sees and does and applies the lessons to all aspects of his life. He has no goal in mind, only a love for the journey and a sense of wonder of how it is unfolding.
World Tai Chi Day
Speaking of teachers and students, April 28th is World Tai Chi Day. Michael Yeager has organized a celebration/demonstration/class at the Marine Pope Wharf in Port Townsend from 10 to 12. Please come and join other like minded people who enjoy playing Tai Chi. Last year was fun and informative and I’m sure this year will be also. It is always interesting to see other people’s approach to the subject of Chinese Internal Arts. You can join in or just watch and enjoy.