Greetings. Happy Independence Day. We here in the U.S. have so much to be thankful for. We have the opportunity to do and to be whatever our hearts and minds direct, either through desire or setting goals. I wish each and every one of you the energy you need to make your life work.

Goals and Desires
The difference between goals and desires isn’t very clear, yet it seems important to me in my Tai Chi practice. Desires are a craving, longing, or a wish for something. This strong feeling is something that can lead to trouble. Often, one small desire can evolve into a very large one. I remember a movie of the 1950’s called Quicksand, starring Mickey Rooney. He was working as a gas station attendant, needed $5 for a date, and borrowed it from the till, planning on paying it back on pay day, which was a couple of days away. This small thing, through a chain of circumstances, eventually led to the character committing murder.

Desires are like that – one thing leads to another. Most religions and philosophies preach a cessation of desire. I can honestly say I don’t have any desires at the moment. I do have goals though, like world peace, education for all, ending world hunger, one world without borders. Goals are objectives toward which I direct my life. Goals have ends, desires are open ended. Self-realization can be a goal or a desire depending upon the energy that goes into the thought. If I am trying to make myself better and reach the highest state possible, it seems ego directed and a desire. If I seek enlightenment so that I can help others and be of assistance to the earth and all upon it, I consider that a goal, not ego driven. So let’s be clear about our goals and desires and eliminate the unnecessary elements from our lives so we can focus on what is really important for us and the rest of our beloved planet.

Tai Chi practice is good way to give you the grounding, flexability, strength, and focus needed to accomplish your goals. Take the time through meditation to stay clear about where you are now and where you need to align yourself to keep moving and growing.

Meditation doesn’t have to be formal. This time of year, it is wonderful to find a quiet place, possibly near a stream, or other body of water, sit comfortably, and allow your mind to wander. Just let it go and marvel at where it goes. Don’t try to control the thoughts. Let go. Keep letting go.