Focus on the Inside
Internal Arts means doing actions with the focus on the inside of the body. We are concerned with howan action is done, not just the end product of an action. If I want to move from here to there, I do not focus on there. I look at how I am getting there, the feeling of movement from within.
I don’t think there is anything more fascinating then a body in motion, the coordination of millions of simultaneous events that come together in a miracle like fashion. In a way it is like house wiring. When I turn on a light switch, a mini miracle happens – a light goes on. If we really think about how a light gets lit, we glimpse the workings of the Universe.
Universal chi is converted into electrical energy, this electrical energy is conveyed from its place of generation into my house, and then into an appliance, designed by some genius to convert electrical energy into light.
Comparing our body to this house, if we want to move a finger, we have to go through all the same stages. Convert universal chi into a form of electric energy, or human chi, then run it through the intricate wiring of the body, conducting this energy to the finger muscles that will convert this electricity into movement.
In the same way that we don’t have to know any more than to flip a switch to get light, we don’t have to think any more deeply than to just move our finger. When it all works, that is. If the light doesn’t work, you need more knowledge about the components and processes of electrification. In the same way, if you have a problem with your body, you need a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology.
If you want to invent a new way to convert universal chi into light, you require an accomplished and expansive expertise. If you want to grow more enlightened or self-realized, you need to spend the time studying the internal environment of your Self. The Internal Arts are designed for this purpose.
*No First Saturday Workshop on April 6. We will start up again soon. Be well.*