Feeling of Space
Buckminister Fuller, one of the true geniuses of our time, once said that, in proportion, we have more space between each cell in our body than there is between each star in the galaxy. Yet, when we look at our body, we see solid mass, and when we look toward the sky, we see mostly space.
Assuming that Buckminister was correct, this knowledge can help us a great deal in our Tai Chi practice. Allow the spaces between cells to enlarge in order to gain a feeling of being light and agile. Flexibility will be enhanced, as will the skill of joining with someone. It is easy to allow energy in and out when there is a feeling of space. Let your breath open your spaces. Relax and let the universe move through you.
Big Bang Qigong
Before there was the known Universe, there was nothing – Wu Chi – that contained the potential for all that was to come. In this breathing exercise, we recreate the evolution of the universe. Here’s how:
Sit or stand comfortably.
Focus on your lower belly and breathe in and out through the nose.
Just below the belly button is a solid point – the Wu Chi area.
As you breathe, feel the Wu Chi point start to expand in all directions. As you breathe in, the area expands, and as you exhale, it stays in it’s new expanded state.
Continue this pattern until you feel your body has expanded to the outer edges of the universe. Let go and relax, enjoying this feeling of unity and peace.
Bring your awareness back to your body and sit or stand for a few moments.