Essential Nature
The study of Tai Chi Chuan is the study of our essential nature. The Real You is at the center of your being, alive, yet covered by layers of illusion that shield reality from view. The fabric of illusion is made of expectations from our parents and society, self delusion, fear, and poor habits. Tai Chi helps to shed the layers, starting from the outside, or physical and moving inward toward the energetic and spiritual.
First, the physical is examined for any non-essential elements, mostly tension, which are then eliminated. The body is strengthened and relaxed.
The second layer is the energetic body which is examined by the study and practice of Qigong, using breath and visualization to open to, and gain control of, Qi or energy. The energy is then refined and focused.
The deepest layer is that of our True or Spiritual Nature and is experienced by meditation The physical and energetic bodies have been opened, strengthened, and now the final barrier to self knowledge will fall through the practice of mindfulness training or meditation.
All spiritual traditions, including Tai Chi Chuan and Taoism, use this sequence to gain awareness of the True Self. Look to those who have gone before and listen to their advice. Then eliminate that which doesn’t work, or what your intuition tells you isn’t right for you. There are no short cuts, so use your time wisely and stay on the path. Keep a smile on your face and be thankful you have the opportunity to discover your True Self and how it relates to the Universe.
First Saturday Workshop is not scheduled for the month of Janurary. See you on Feburary 2.