Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #339
Enlightenment Through Tai Chi
Enlightenment is most often experienced as a moment that occurs between the in-breath and out-breath. This special place is like a small crack in the cosmic egg. If we look close enough through this crack, we can glimpse the true workings of the universal energy. It is the goal of Tai Chi, and most meditative arts, to expand this moment, stretch this tear in the fabric that clouds our vision, allow relaxation, clear the mind, so we can have this experience.
Tai Chi is done slowly, the breath is allowed to deepen and slow, the body relaxed and strengthened, a firm root established, so our super conscious or higher Self, can reunite with the Dao.
Enlightenment is not an all or nothing, now or never, experience. It is more like walking out a door into a new place. As we open the door, we get a glimpse of what is on the other side. The wider the door is opened, the more we see. The further out of the doorway, the more we see until we finally close the door behind us and we are completely in this new place and this is our reality. The old place is only a memory, a dream. We are now now in a place where we can really be of assistance to others, to help make the planet a more comfortable place for all who exist here.
Special Tai Chi Numbers for Michael
* Starting 54 years of Tai Chi study and practice 
48 years of teaching Tai Chi and related arts. Several thousand students were, and are, in person.
40 years of free Tai Chi classes in Chetzemoka Park every Saturday.
* Monday Morning Tai Chi Tips – Never missed a Monday for going on years. Equals 339 Tips.
* Covid Tai Chi in Chetzemoka Park – 19 months of free classes 4 times a week. Only shut out one day, due to snow.
2 books published on Tai Chi. Still in print after 25 years.
9 years of organizing and leading the Labor Day Tai Chi retreat in Olympic National Park.
* Approximately 200 videos produced for public television and later placed on You Tube for free with no ads.
* Soon entering my 80th year of being on this planet.