Greetings. A very cold week. Our practice group looks like piles of clothing moving around, yet we are still out there. The mountains in the distance are so beautiful, covered with snow. Hope all is well for you and yours. Please note the change in the First Saturday workshop. Hope it doesn’t mess with your plans.

Effective Force Balance
Every effective force issued from our body is met with an equal and opposite force. As we move the body forward, our back foot pushes us forward, while our forward foot acts as a brake by pushing upward and back. If the hands are pushing straight ahead, the center of the back expands backward. If we push downwards, the top of the head pushes upward. When kicking, the kicking foot foot moves outward while the standing foot is pushed downward.

It sounds so complicated, yet this is just the natural way that the body deals with such activities. In Tai Chi and other internal arts, we break movements down until they seem unnatural in order to understand the dynamics involved, then we put them back together in a natural way, with the possibility that we may have corrected any unnatural elements that might have been present before we started our exploration.

For more about this topic, view my 7 part video entitled “Inner Balance” on YouTube at this link. Enjoy!