Da Mo Wai Dan
Wai Dan is the practice of increasing Chi circulation by stimulating one area of the body until a large enough energy potential builds up and overflows through the Chi channel system.
In moving Wai Dan, a specific muscle or part of the body is repeatedly tensed and relaxed with full attention. The tension should be as little as possible because great strain will constrict the channels and prevent the flow of energy. Some people do not tense the muscles at all, but merely imagine tensing them. When one exercises a part of the body in this way for several minutes, the Chi accumulates in the area, which usually results in a warm feeling. At this time not only the energy, but also the blood will be collected in this high potential area. When the muscles relax, the highly charged Chi and Blood will spread to nearby low energy areas and so increase the Chi circulation.
In moving Wai Dan exercises, the mind concentrates on the breath and at the same time imagines guiding energy to the local area. The channel system and the brain are closely related, so that when one concentrates, he can control the circulation of Chi more efficiently. This in turn results in the muscles being able to exert maximum power.
Da Mo’s personal philosophy:
“ Others are revolted, I am unmoved.
Gripped by desires, I am unmoved.
Hearing the wisdom of sages, I am unmoved.
I move only in my own way.”
Note: Da Mo, also known as Bodhidarma, was an Indian sage that went to China to spread the teachings of the Buddha. He spent time at the Shaolin Monastery and taught the monks exercises to strengthen body and mind. These exercises had a great deal of impact in the development of Tai Chi Chuan.
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