Correct Stances
The only stance that is correct in Tai Chi, as well as other internal arts, is a natural, comfortable stance. If it is not natural and comfortable, you will lose relaxation, causing tension, which will result in loss of strength, speed, clarity of thought, and the ability to unify with the life force.
In order to find a natural stance, one has to follow those who have gone before – your teacher and advanced students. Most students start with with a shoulder width stance, and as they get stronger and more relaxed, they move to a wider and deeper stance.
This wide stance is not the end however. It is a training device to help the student gain strength, concentration, and internal energy control. When this wider stance is comfortable, only then can the student return to a natural stance, and have all the control he, or she, needs to gain mastery of internal arts.
Start out with shoulder width, develop good habits, then move to a wider stance, gain relaxation, then move back to a natural stance. You will be happy you took the time to follow this well-worn path.
New 12 Week Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan
Starts this Thursday, March 7 – 5:30 to 6:30 PM at the Studio. It is taught by Stephanie Morrell and Susan Leinbach. All the fundamentals and principles demonstrated, explained, and taught. The cost is $140 for 12 weeks, or free when you sign up for unlimited classes. Just show up or call Stephanie at 360 301-2393.