Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip # 400


We have arrived at #400 – Monday Morning Tai Chi Chuan Training Tip. It took your encouragement and interest to keep me going all these years. As I said in Tip #1, published on 12/23/2015, I planned on writing up a Tip every day for a year, and that is how I started out, but before too long, I got comments that shared publishing every day was just too much. Not enough time to digest and practice the Tip, so in February of 2016, I switched to once a week and that seems to have worked for you and me. Here is the first Tip.

Greetings. I am excited to share with you an idea I just had. The hardest part of Tai Chi practice is just making the time in one’s busy life. Most people need a little push or a reason to practice. So, this coming year, 2016, I am going to send out, each and every day, a training tip to stimulate your desire to work on your form. They will be short, and hopefully, interesting. I would recommend putting them in a folder to save, and you will end up with a really good training manual. And hopefully you can share this material with your Tai Chi friends. I encourage your feedback, and will include your responses when possible. I’ll start on Jan. 1, 2016. See you then.

A reminder. All the 399 previous Tips are archived at my site – under Tips. There is also much more logged there, like Online Courses, a Tai Chi Manual, Articles I’ve published, and more. Don’t worry. I do not give your name and info to anybody. No fees, no cost. Just the best information on Tai Chi that I can come up with. I try to answer all questions or comments. Last week’s Tip #399, brought an outpouring of questions and comments. Hopefully, we will make several hundred more Tips. Thanks again. I appreciate your support and interest.

Note: It is my experience that one never stops learning Tai Chi. What a wonderful thought.

Note 2: The most important words for a human – “Where did we come from, and Where are we going?” Probably makes a difference if you are religious or not. What do you think?

Note 3: This Tip is being written and released on John Considine’s 88th Birthday. Before we moved to the Park because of Covid, his classes in the Studio were our most popular. Besides being a great teacher, he was a Hollywood actor, writer, and much more. We wish him the very best and 88 more years of sharing his love and talents.

Note 4: Let us celebrate our Tai Chi practice – leading to improved health, solid community support, love and understanding for all people and the planet as a whole. Always look for the best in others and that is what you will find. And feel free to join us in the Park anytime.