Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip – #418
Clearing Vision
I went to the wharf early this morning and it was one of those perfect days here in Port Townsend. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the water in the bay like a lake, the mountains in all directions nice and clear. What a place to practice Tai Chi.
I use the word “practice”, because to me it means to polish my skills in the art of Tai Chi. My father was a doctor who had a “practice”, but we, or at least I, don’t think of a medical doctor learning on the job, but of course they do. Practice means doing something on a regular basis. I am so grateful I have so many special places to practice and feel unity with nature.
And I made a nice observation during this morning on the wharf. I do not wear glasses and never have. Before I started practice, I gazed at the mountains, especially the Olympics, because that was the direction I faced when I started. My special intention focus was on the bottoms of my feet, imagining velcro on the bottom of my shoes which gave me incredible stability, and awareness of how I rolled up and down the foot. It was very relaxing and informative.
When I finished, I stood and just let my gaze fall on the Olympics. And they were quite noticeably clearer and sharper then when I started. That’s when the “Ah – Ha” hit me. My vision, and I imagine most people’s, gets clearer the more one relaxes. It was such direct proof of the relaxation benefits of Tai Chi practice.
So next time you practice, take a moment to notice something in front of you with relaxed focus, then do your practice, and notice the same thing and see if it comes more into focus without trying. Be open to the results. Enjoy.