Christmas Tai Chi on the Wharf
Got to the wharf just as the sun was clearing the Cascade mountains to the southeast. The weather was mild, and the light from the sun played patterns on the water. It was so quiet in town, being Christmas morning. I had the place to myself.
Some mornings of practice I set certain goals and areas to focus on. Not on Christmas. See what evolved. I started with warm ups. Hamstring stretches on the wharf railing. Shoulder rolls. Arm swinging vertical and horizontal. Shaking arms and legs. Turning the waist and rolling down. Got me warmed up and took about 15 minutes.
I decided to start with the Short Form as the geese honked overhead. The form took about 6 minutes and towards the end, I was in the groove.
Next was the Long Form. As I started, I became aware of how my feet were rolling up and down as I stepped. I kept that focus for most of the 20 minutes that form took.
The sun was shinning on me and I started to sweat a bit. Felt good, as the winter sun usually is weak here in the northwest. More ducks around, diving for fish. I would be in there with them if the water was warm.
I then did San Shou (Partner Form) as a solo form. 88 movements. More energetic than the 34 or 108, and so much fun. I really like teaching this form and working on it on a regular basis. Took about 15 minutes to complete.
When I finished the San Shou, I just stood, facing the Olympic Mountains to the west and let their power and majesty wash over me, as I was quite open by this time. My breath was relaxed and deep, and I gave thanks for the opportunity to live and work in such an environment.
First Saturday Workshop is not scheduled for the month of Janurary. See you in Feburary 2.