Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tip #340
Chi Kung – Guan Chi Fa: Threading Energy – (Integration Breath)
Chi Kung means breathing therapy exercises and has been a part of the Chinese culture for over two thousand years. Basically all chi kung must follow three principles: regulation of body posture, regulation of the mind (concentration), and regulation of breathing.This particular exercise is a powerful way to move the Chi through the body and to ground it. It relaxes the entire body with the intention of sending any toxins from the body down and out into the earth, grounding them. We call it integration breath.
Before you start: 
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keep the knees soft, letting the weight drop onto the soles of the feet. Let the head rise up as if suspended from above. Keep the buttocks slightly tucked under to straighten the spine. The tongue touches the roof of the mouth behind the top teeth to connect the front and back channels of energy. Let the eyes relax, and breathe naturally.
Keep your awareness on your Dan Tien.
The Exercise
*Inhale as the arms raise overhead, palms facing upwards, by the sides as if gathering energy from above. Then pull this energy or Chi into the “bai hui” point which is located at the top of the head. This is the major meridian point for Yang energy to enter the body. Palms face the top of the head.
*Exhale as you lower the hands slowly with the thought that you are pushing the Chi down the body from the top of the head to the middle of the ears.
*Continuing to push the energy till it is in the throat area.
*At this point the Chi splits into two channels that go from the middle of the throat to the pectorals or nipples of the chest.
*Continue pushing the Chi down the two channels till it gets to the navel where the two channels again unite into one.
*The Chi is now in one channel as you continue to push it down to the Lower Dan Tien.
*With the Chi in the Lower Dan Tien take a breath.
*Exhale as you push the Chi down to the bottom meridian of the trunk called the “hui yin” which is located at the perineum or in front of the anus.
*From this point the Chi once again splits into two channels that run down the insides of the legs and ends at the center of the soles of both feet. This point is called the “yung chuan”. It is the point where the yin energy enters from, or exists into, the earth.
*When the Chi has reached the yung chuan point, continue to push it out the bottoms of the feet and down into the earth or floor at least three feet. This is done so that all energetic impurities of the body can be grounded into the earth.
*Take a moment to enjoy the feeling of being clear and quiet.