Monday Morning Tai Chi Training Tips #452

Breaking Free

From the first moment of our lives, we are given boundaries. When we cry, the boundary might appear in the form of a pacifier. The boundary says, “Stop crying”. If we crawl around too actively, maybe we are placed in a crib that limits our movement.

All our lives boundaries were placed on our physical, mental, spiritual selves. Many were there for good reasons, yet they had a limiting function. Breaking some respected boundaries can result in a torrent of new life. If you are holding tight onto something, you are not free to grasp ahold of something else.

In the internal arts, we closely examine each and every boundary, and when we break out of one, we are often faced with a world of new possibilities. Many teachers want us to mimic them and to just do as they do. With that boundary in front of us, we cannot possibly exceed the teacher’s skill level.

So use your will power to look beyond the words and mimicked movements to the deeper meaning and trust your intuition. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

Break Free.